Founded by David Kear in the early 1960s, the practice has grown from one location to three. Based in the three market towns of Cinderford, Coleford and Lydney we aim to serve all members of our community and the surrounding area.

Eye care is available to those with NHS entitlement and also private patients.

We offer economy and high end designer eyewear and provide impartial advice concerning the most up to date lens options.

All locations have modern computer controlled Thomson sight test charts which provide improved accuracy and adaptability compared with standard charts. This provides examination possibilities for children and adults of all ages with adjustments for varying needs such as learning difficulties, dyslexia and dementia to name a few.

We offer comprehensive eye examinations, spectacle dispensing, contact lens fitting and aftercare in all our locations. Where extended examinations are required our Lydney location has additional state of the art instrumentation that is rarely found outside of a hospital eye department.

Reading difficulties and visual stress phenomena can be further investigated by colorimetry in any of our practices. We use both a Cerium Colorimeter and Thomson ReadEZ software as necessary. 

Our clinicians are registered with Primary Eyecare Gloucestershire (PEG) to provide enhanced services relating to cataract, glaucoma, paediatric examination and screening for retinal detachment.

Our dispensing opticians are all qualified, or training with, The Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO); we do not use unqualified sales assistants.

We trust that everyone experiences a warm welcome and a tailored service in all of our locations.

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